About Kabob-E-Licious As a woman today, I reflect back on memories as a little girl growing up enjoying a variety of foods rooted in my family's diverse heritage. Aromatic Pakistani, Indian, and South Asian styles of dishes simmered on the stove when I came home from school. My family loves rice and meat, so most often we were sure to have a pot full of meat submerged in exotic, spicy and flavorful salan, which can vary depending on the spices used. Naan breads accompanied these delicious comfort cuisines everyday. I always appreciated the weekend because I could be home cooking hand in hand with my mom, learning the family's secret recipes. Cooking and entertaining have always been passions of mine. My multicultural friends and family have introduced me to the exquisite taste of Latino foods. Rice and meats are major ingredients of dishes I've enjoyed across these cultures. My experiences have led me to create a unique blend of ethnic food with a Mediterranean twist. Kabob-e-licious was born.
Welcome and enjoy!
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